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This site is dedicated primarily to the planning and construction of our 32 Ford 5 window Coupe and the latest addition to our garage- a 427 Cobra replicar.  The 32 is nearing completion, and the Cobra is basically just beginning.  My dad and I both have pretty busy schedules, but we get together and work on something whenever we can, usually while watching a Nascar race, throwin' back a few cold ones, or both. 

Both cars have their own page, and will be updated on a regular basis as progress is made. 


Richie was a friend of ours who owned an interior shop.  While there one time, I happened to notice a car in the back room.  It was a little blue car with big chrome sidepipes running down the sides, a big oval opening in the front between the headlights, a hood scoop, and a chrome roll bar.  I had seen pictures of them before, but never seen one up close, til now.  I finally bugged the hell out of my dad enough that he asked Richie if I could sit in his car.  Richie obliged.  I don't remember how it happened exactly, but the next thing I know, i'm in the passenger side buckling in for what would be the ride of my life.  I remember sitting way down in the car and pulling the little door that felt as light as a piece of cardboard closed til it latched.  The engine roared to life filling the entire shop with a thunderous sound as we pulled out into the industrial park and onto pavement.  We did 80 MPH through the streets of New Port Richey, Florida- and it got there real quick.  Every time he shifted, my head would snap back and hit the rollbar.  After awhile, we came flying back into the industrial park where my dad was waiting.  There was no need in asking what I thought of the ride, as I think it was pretty obvious.  It was a ride I will remember for the rest of my life.  I immediately fell in love with the 427 Cobra.  For the next 20 years, it would seem like a dream.  It's still a dream, but getting much closer to reality.   


The 32 has a rather interesting history.  My great uncle George grew cucumbers for making pickles, and was looking for a couple bales of hay to let the cucumbers rest on rather than letting them sit on the ground.  He happened upon a farmers house where he knocked on the door.  He asked the farmer if he had any hay, and he said he was out- but he did have one bale down in the barn in the trunk of "the old car".  They went to the barn and there set a 32 Ford with a bale of hay in the trunk just like he had said.  George asked if he wanted to sell the car, and the farmer asked how much he'd give for it.  George replied that he could not sell the car and buy it, so after a little haggling, George bought both the car and the hay.  This was back in 1953.  He held on to it for a few years before giving it to my dad for his 16th Birthday, in which my dad drove the car to and from high school.  The car eventually got tucked away in the back of the garage where it sat for years before we decided to tear the car completely apart- down to the bare frame rails.  It has been a long time in the making, but we are getting closer. 


Last updated on Friday, November 25th, 2011.